5,000 followers Milestone on Twitter [GiveAway Inside]

DomRaider has developed a huge presence on Social Media, especially on Twitter. This Social Media represent a great opportunity to discuss with our customers, contributors and partners, allowing us to spread the word around us and explain the DomRaider ecosystem.
This morning, DomRaider’s crossed 5K organic followers. There was much rejoicing when we looked at our Smiirl box, our social media connected counter.

DomRaider Smiirl box


An impressive growth

As we said above, DomRaider distributes content across numerous channels. We are on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Medium, and more recently on Telegram and Slack and nearly every major social site. We are registering subscribers directly at  DomRaider’s Network and through partnerships with other media and partners. And this goal has always been about acquiring unique followers, organically, even if sometimes we used some sponsored Ads to enlarge the reach of our tweets.

Last year there were 546 people who follows @DomRaider on Twitter.  Half of our followers have joined us in the last 60 days, this can be explained by the great exposure DomRaider benefit thanks to the Initial Coin Offering . Today we are really proud to have create a great and big community around DomRaider. A Huge thanks to all our followers for all your support over the last days, weeks and months. We expect  to reach 10K in coming months. We believe that our product is resonating, that are content is compelling, and that our audience is very interested in connecting with @DomRaider!


Celebrating 5,000 followers on Twitter @DomRaider

Few days ago we announced that upon reaching the 5K milestone we will be giving a certain number of prizes away.

Today, we want to show to our followers how much we appreciate you. This is why we have decided to set a giveaway competition to cheer up our fans (and maybe get some new ones too!).

Here are the prizes DomRaider have as a giveaway:

  • * The first prize is a beautiful bronze DomRaider medal + 5,000 DomRaider Tokens + a pack of DomRaider goodies
  • * 20 additional prizes in eluding a bronze DomRaider medal + a pack of DomRaider goodies


To enter, make sure you already follow @DomRaider, then retweet this post

?Celebrating #DomRaider5K
?A bronze DomRaider medal + 5K DRTokens to win + 20 additional prizes
1 – Follow @domraider
2 – RT this post


Competition ends: midnight (UTC+2) on Sunday, October 8th 2017.

This competition is open to existing followers of DomRaider and any other twitter accounts wanting to follow DomRaider. The winners will be selected at random and contacted within 72 hours of competition ending for their postal, address to enable us to send your prize.



Twitter 5,000 followers DomRaider