9 content automation tools to replace content writers

Writing and publishing quality, detailed and reader-friendly content is an essential part of any good content marketing strategy. You either have to spend long hours doing it yourself, or hire a skilled content writer who has a good knowledge of SEO. Both of these solutions prove to be expensive and time-consuming. So what if you need to publish a lot of content in a short period of time? There are now various content automation tools using Artificial Intelligence that have proven to be quite effective. As the demand for content is growing rapidly, these tools are a valuable help if you need to get good content in a short time frame.

Companies and businesses are really struggling to find the right content writers as they are hard to come by. So if your company is not willing to invest in content writers right now, here are 9 low-investment alternatives that will produce good copywriting work.



Quill was specifically created to find the hidden potential of data and do data storytelling. Quill turns data into stories and integrates them directly into your favorite dashboards.

This platform was also created to give personalized stories, allowing the user to customize their reports with information that is truly meaningful to the customers. Using common language, it can process data of any size, at any processing speed or for a number of stories.




This platform is designed to convert data into interesting stories. Wordsmith is a tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that produces written analysis by transforming data. The tools offered by Wordsmith respond to the needs of understanding related to human beings, organizational structure and the general objectives of the company.

Companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Tableau, or PwC already use this tool to generate about 1.5 billion pieces of content each year.

Wordsmith also has an open API. Wordsmith’s paid plan starts at $250 per month for 1,000 articles.

rédaction par Wordsmith
Here is an example of an essay generated using Wordsmith



If you think that a machine cannot function like a human brain, then you are wrong. Articoolo is a content creation tool that writes articles the way an actual person would. First of all, it understands the whole concept of the given subject. Just provide it with the subject and Articoolo does the rest by writing the article that is meant to be read by actual people.

Once it has an idea of the topic, the tool will search for associated resources and extract relevant keywords. And based on its keyword search, it will construct a text that is completely relevant and also takes into account the context.


Article Forge

The platform uses very precise algorithms to automatically rewrite articles as a human being does. The intelligent algorithms automatically search on any topic, read an infinite number of articles and then write the article in its own words.

Article Forge can generate an article in less than 60 seconds. The tool also makes programming easy and allows you to automatically publish content to WordPress sites. The tool is priced at $297 per year and $47 per month, with a 30-day risk-free, money-back guarantee.



Word AI

Word AI will work exactly like a human. It does not consider sentences as a list of words. Rather, it has the ability to convert a list of words into meaningful sentences that will make humans interact with each other. It rewrites each element from scratch. Its high level of content rewriting still makes the content readable by humans. Its monthly subscription is $49.95 and the basic package is $347.





Content is not limited to words and text. Creating content on digital platforms also includes the creation of media such as images and videos using AI automated technology. Canva is an online tool for creating a variety of images. It has been very popular for several years now, especially with Community Managers as it offers a wide variety of templates available for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as for blogs, posters, presentations… All you have to do is put the content into these templates and your design is ready to be published.

This tool does not require any special skills to create a picture. It is free to use and, if you wish, you can also upgrade it to use other templates. No need to buy Photoshop and the documentation that goes with it!




This AI-powered predictive content platform presents information based on past performance and the best practices in content marketing. The information provided by the platform makes it easy to plan future content strategies and make them work according to planned objectives. Many use Scoop.it as a content curation tool, and it is proving to be very useful in doing so.

Scoop.it also helps marketers roll out their strategies. It has a function that allows content to be easily stored and distributed.




If you integrate videos into your content strategy, this tool is the best option. TubeBuddy offers a free Chrome extension that includes a handful of features to optimize your YouTube and infuse it with positive energy. YouTubers can channel their daily work processes to YouTube, which also saves time and allows them to focus on creating new content.


Quuu Promote

With this platform, content is manually verified – it is the only platform where an internal content review process takes place. Quuu also allows the user to schedule content and keep all messages up to date by generating new content each time.


Of course the technology has come a long way, and many major brands are trying to take advantage of it. Nevertheless, nothing will replace human editors who add substance and value to content. Moreover, automatically generated content can hardly have an actual opinion on a specific topic. They are facts, figures and statistics. It therefore lacks in-depth analyses.

So if technology does indeed advance, it advances to help humans. Journalists, writers, and bloggers can use AI technology to generate content, but the added value to the content can only be provided by humans.

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