Amazon purchased 3 cryptocurrency domain names. Will Amazon launch its own Crypto?

If nowadays Amazon has such a leading position in the e-commerce industry and was able to create a place for itself among the web giants, it is mostly thanks to its capacity to inovate and to pursue opportunities. But if there is one market on which we don’t necessarily expect huge companies such as Amazon to position themselves, it is that of cryptocurrencies. . There were indeed a few  rumors mentioning the fact that Amazon was about to add the BitCoin as a payment method,but none of those were actually confirmed by the company. In parallel, a petition was created on, asking Jeff Bezos and Amazon to accept two of the most trusted and proven cryptocurrencies in existence, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

While searching on Whois Lookup, some people noticed that Amazon Amazon had apparently registered three new domain names in relation with blockchain technology and, and These domain names were registered by Amazon Technologies, one of the subsidiaries of Jeff Bezos’ company, which had also registered the “” domain name. These domain names registrations may suggest that Amazon is working on a large project using the Ethereum technology, or that it might even launch its own cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, some may argue that Amazon is only trying to protect itself and its identity by adopting a defensive strategy and therefore registering all the possible domain names linked to its brand.

Nom de domaine Amazon Ethereum

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies:  next innovation for Amazon?

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: the repositioning of Amazon?

It should be noted that these registrations are happening only a week after Joseph Lubin, co-founder of the Ethereum, gave his opinion in a Fortune interview about major groups such as Apple, Google and Amazon concerning their future positioning when it comes to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. According to him, Apple is not interested in them, but the idea of a decentralized Amazon website might become a reality in the future.

For now, Amazon still hasn’t released any statement about it, so there are grounds for hope! Once again, rumors are swirling, and a number of websites already shared the news, such as Coindesk, which is specialized in cryptocurrencies, or the German website Welt.

The interest Jeff Bezos’ company is showing for cryptocurrencies is not new. Earlier in 2013, Amazon introduced the Amazon Coins, a virtual currency used to buy applications and games on its own store in order to make the customer’s purchase easier.


What’s your opinion? Could this be a glimpse of the upcoming development strategy of Amazon? Should Amazon continue leadership in innovation by eagerly engage in blockchain revolution? Is the company going to release a new cryptocurrency such as the AmazonCoin or the AmazonToken?