The impact of domain authority on SEO

You probably already know what a domain name is, and why some domains are better for businesses than others. Choosing a branded domain is essential for your company’s website to make an immediate impact. But once you have chosen the perfect domain for your business, there is yet another crucial task to accomplish: establishing its…


9 content automation tools to replace content writers

Writing and publishing quality, detailed and reader-friendly content is an essential part of any good content marketing strategy. You either have to spend long hours doing it yourself, or hire a skilled content writer who has a good knowledge of SEO. Both of these solutions prove to be expensive and time-consuming. So what if you…


What are footprints in SEO?

When you upload your website, you’re sharing various information: text, rich content (videos, images…), as well as a whole bunch of other data that is more or less visible to your typical Internet users: the type of CMS, IP address, domain name owner… All of these are clues that can link various sites administered by…