Monaco buys the domain name for millions

The world market capitalization of cryptocurrencies reached an exceptional peak last January. Even though market capitalization has decreased since then, the public interest for Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies has not completely waned. This is evidenced by the amount of exchanges and purchases of blockchain and crypto-related domain names. For instance, was sold towards…


5,000 followers Milestone on Twitter [GiveAway Inside]

DomRaider has developed a huge presence on Social Media, especially on Twitter. This Social Media represent a great opportunity to discuss with our customers, contributors and partners, allowing us to spread the word around us and explain the DomRaider ecosystem. This morning, DomRaider’s crossed 5K organic followers. There was much rejoicing when we looked at our Smiirl…


How to improve and sustain your SEO with Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing can be a source of great opportunities, saving your time to boost your SEO. Actually, collaborating with a network should represent a valuable asset for a brand and its SEO. This tactic brings you good visibility, improves your brand awareness and increases traffic to your website. Working with influencers can make a difference by…

Create original domains with domain names extensions.

When we choose a domain name for our brand or company, sometimes we restrain ourselves to only the domain name extensions of our country or to top level domains such as .COM or .NET. Now, and if we seek originality, it might be interesting to look for other extensions. You’ll find some interesting examples in…


Ranking of the most used internet extensions in 2017

Domain Name industry is constantly evolving. By mid-2016, the Internet had nearly 334,6 million Domain names worldwide, according to a report published by Verisign. Recently, this company published the results of its study: Internet now counts nearly 330 million Domain Names. Internet increased by 6,8% Oh wait! How can we speak of an increase when last…


The importance of Social Media on SEO

Social Media Optimization (SMO) has, since the advent of social media, an integral part of a more comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and complement your SEO strategy. The weight of social networks in the SEO is a question to which we are necessarily confronted one day: what weight to give to the social? What…


8 tools for your Inbound and Content Marketing strategy

Inbound Marketing is probably the most appealing strategy for companies’ marketing and communications departments, and for those seeking to acquire and retain new customers. Carrying out a simple search on Google Trends reveals Inbound Marketing as an increasingly trending topic. What is Inbound Marketing ? Inbound Marketing is the key to succesfully building customer loyalty. Inbound…

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