Choosing the right expired domain names for your PBN

When it comes to optimizing your search engine rankings, the creation of a PBN (Private Blog Network) is a quick solution to generate backlinks pointing to your main site. Expired domain names are a great tool to create a network of blogs because they already benefit from a “SEO juice” that they will be able to transmit to the site you want to rank. To learn more about PBNs, please read our article “What is a PBN and why create one?“.

On, you can choose your domain from over 600,000 expired domain names. Here are a few tips to help you select the most relevant domains for your PBN project.

Assessing the backlinks of a domain name

To test the quality of a domain name in terms of backlinks, you can use tools such as Majestic for instance. They will give you precious indications to make the right decision. The following aspects are to be analyzed in priority:

The number of backlinks

The number of backlinks that an expired domain name has is a factor to be taken into consideration depending on your budget and objective. A domain name with 10 backlinks will probably be less expensive but will not bring you the same benefits as a domain name with 25,000 backlinks.

The quality of these backlinks

However, the number of backlinks is not the only element to be taken into account; the quality of the backlinks is also decisive. You want to know if the backlinks of an expired domain name will produce quality SEO juice for the site you want to rank. Thus, 25,000 backlinks from spammed sites selling counterfeits of major brands will bring a much lower quality compared to 1,000 backlinks from national media sites or sites with a high trust flow (NB: Trust Flow is the level of trust that Google gives to a site).

The variety of their sources

You should also make sure that the backlinks of the domain name come from a variety of sources. Indeed, the SEO juice will be degraded or diluted if too many links come from the same source. This is in line with Google’s desire to promote only “natural” backlinks. Too many links coming from a single site does not meet this requirement and seems purely artificial. You should therefore prefer a site with varied sources.

Checking the domain name’s history

An expired domain name is a domain that already has had one or more past lives online. Some of them have been around for almost 20 years, which has given them time to generate SEO juice, but some may also have gone through rough times. When a domain name changes ownership it can go through some undesirable uses in terms of SEO.

The simplest way to check the history of a domain is to use the Web Archive which crawls websites around the world and captures their appearance at random dates. The Web Archive allows you to go back in time to verify that the site has not been used for illegal or inconsistent purposes compared to the rest of its history.

Please note however that it is forbidden to retrieve the old content of a website when buying its domain name.

Verifying the theme of the domain name

Once again, you need to check the consistency of the domain name with its theme. If the site suddenly starts writing about baroque music, you would find it hard to understand the link between the two, and would stop relying on this site as one of your sources to find a plumber. The problem is exactly the same for Google.

If a site suddenly changes its theme, Google will no longer give the same value to the links coming from it because there will be no relevance between them and the site’s topic. This is why you should choose domain names for your PBN that have a history in a theme identical or very close to that of your main site. This way, you will be able to keep the benefit of the SEO juice associated with the domain name once it is in your possession, and this will allow Google to identify your site more easily.

What you should keep in mind

Netlinking is not an exact science, but rather a link building strategy. You should therefore test the effectiveness of expired domain names in your PBN campaign. By following a few simple rules, you will be able to detect the potential of an expired domain name to influence the ranking of your main site and improve your positions and natural referencing.