Discover our new Youdot platform

We are delighted to announce that we are in the final stages of a complete revamping of Youdot. The beta version will be publicly available in september.

​In addition to a cleaner look, our tool is also gaining in strength with the introduction of improved functionalities. Let us give you a quick recap of these features:

Access Youdot from your smartphone

You will now be able to access the platform directly on your smartphone. As part of the complete makeover of the website, Youdot will indeed be entirely responsive.

Youdot Full Responsive platform

Metrics, always by your side

The interface to refine your search and filter results is simple and user-friendly. Simply filter and sort the metrics you are interested in and you’re good to go.

Metrics Youdot

New and improved search engine

Search Youdot

Our search engine has never been so powerful, allowing you to search keywords in web pages of domain names, or anchor links for example. You can still download the complete list of results in CSV format.


The best expired domain names at a glance

The Youdot dashboard now displays a selection of the best auctions and backorders. Never miss an opportunity thanks to the “top auctions”, “premium domain names” and “newest backorders” sections.

Watch a Live Demo of the Youdot platform






New Youdot will go live in September on!