DomRaider becomes Youdot, the best way to recover expired domain names

Since 2013, we have developed our drop catching expertise and became the French and European leader,  reaching more than 35 000 transactions, securing 19 TLDs and boasting 85% customer satisfaction.

With an already-established expertise in auctions, DomRaider took a step into the blockchain world in 2017 with the ambition to create the first worldwide network of decentralized auctions on the blockchain.

DomRaider group has recently proceed to a rebranding to clarify its activities for a better understanding, including the 3 following  brands:

  • Auctionity : decentralized blockchain auctions in real-time,
  • DomRaider Token : the DRT is the token powered by DomRaider.
  • YouDot : with Youdot, finding an expired domain name has never been easier. Our platform is the best solution to recover and develop beautiful expired domain names.


YouDot: the best way to recover expired domain names

Rebranding is not only a new logo and a new Youdot name. By expanding the Youdot team with new talents, with expansive field of expertise and extensive experience (international, development, UX design), our ambition is to guarantee and further our accomplishments and to give a fresh momentum to drop catching.

Remember the new url to access to the platform, and do not hesitate to bookmark it:



In order to support our development and always offer the best services for our customers, we are preparing your new platform, with a new UX/UI, and new features like a new search engine, more relevant and faster to help you to find the best expired domain names. In addition, the website will then be deployed in several languages, french, english, italian, and spanish as we want to improve international customer service.


Youdot team

In order to support our development and always offer the best services for our customers,

Building a strong team is the most important factor for the success of any company and the fullfilment of a project. wW have reorganized our team according to specific skills to ensure our drop catching activity could thrive. Discover the whole Youdot team

Delphine, Product Manager Youdot
Jeremy, Lead Developper
Kathleen, Account Manager
Jonathan, Account Manager
Louis, Assistant Account Manager
Begoña, Spanish Market Manager
Tom, Front Developper
Simonetta, Italian Market Manager
Roxane UI/UX Designer
Roxane, UI/UX Designer