Expired domain names: for whom? For what?

There are many ways to optimize its natural SEO, but some are far more efficient than others. The use of expired domain names is part of these very effective solutions that will help you boost your SEO, but not only …

Expired Domain Names

Many of you know how a domain name works, but for new domains holders remember that it needs to be renewed each year. Generally, your host alert you before the expiration date of your domain name, and mention to you that if you want to keep it you have to renew it. If you don’t make this action, 30 days later, the domain name expires and is available for sale. It is precisely when the domain is freed that it is interesting.

What is the interest of an expired domain name?

One can legitimately ask what is the point of buying an expired domain name. The answer is quite simple: you will benefit from its history and authority. The expired domain name will then be a real asset in your digital strategy, and this through different usages.

First of all, a SEO use. It is good to know, that when you acquire an expired domain name, you benefit from all the potential it previously gained (backlinks, Trust Flow, Page Rank …). By using a domain name with a proper history, you will easily and rapidly position your new website in the search engines results, and this even if your website doesn’t have the same theme.

If you already have a website, and you just want to give it a little boost, you can do a 301 redirection in order to transfer the expired domain’s juice. Or, and it is from far the best option, you can do a new blog that will make some (powerful) links to your main website. Results often exceed expectations … Whether it is the creation of money site or a PBN (Private Blog Network), one can easily obtain high quality results thanks to expired domain names.

Beyond this SEO usage, one can resort to expired domain names from a trading perspective. Some domain names are extremely rare by their title (short domain names and generic domain names) or by their strong SEO history. This rareness will allow the buyer to easily resell the expired domain name he has purchased. Generics are the perfect example of this use, with, for example, nails.fr that belongs to Maybelline, or clothing.com that belongs to Amazon.

Your whole strategy must then reside in the choice and qualification of expired domain names. Do not hesitate to compile the data from different web tools and search on the domain names that interest you. Good news, you are now ready to initiate your first purchase of an expired domain name.