Generate your PBN easily with Youdot

In order to improve your SEO strategy, you need to improve your website’s netlinking first. One of the best solutions for that today is to create a PBN website, a Private Blog Network. We are proud to announce that Youdot now provides this functionality!

A new service has arrived on the platform: you can now order a PBN website directly on Youdot! Just choose your best domain name, we’ll handle the rest.

To know everything about PBNs, feel free to read our dedicated article: What is a PBN and why create one?

Boost your SEO strategy through a custom PBN

Youdot PBN iPhone

The PBN service provided by Youdot is a comprehensive and custom offer. Our team will create a blog according to your topic of choice. We use the keywords you provide when completing your order to create a website that will meet your expectations.

Our offer includes the following benefits:

  • Custom logo & WordPress theme
  • Articles written for a total of 3,000 words (French only)
  • Full access to the administration panel
  • New original content generated monthly
  • Optimized SEO (slug, titles, cache plugin)
  • Hosting with unique IP address included

Available in just a few days

Once your order has been sent, we will process it immediately to build your blog with a total of 3,000 words in just a few days.

To order a PBN website, just choose a domain name in your account, then select “PBN” under the “Domain Name Settings” tab!

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