Search Engine Roundtable organized a HangOut on December 27, 2016 with John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google to get valuable tips to apply in 2017 in order to optimize natural SEO.

Responsive DesignMobile Friendly: Mobile First!

According to John Mueller, the most important thing in 2017 will be the mobile. Forget the mobile friendly, it is now the mobile first. This means that you will now have to think your site first for mobile, and then for desktop. Indeed, the mobile has become the first device on which users do their browsing. The mobile is no longer this support which was thought afterwards.

A responsive design website is not enough anymore. The mobile first is a website design strategy in which the mobile version of a site is given priority over the desktop version. By adapting this approach, you send strong signals to Google that will take it into account in its algorithm, and will ensure you a better chance of ranking.

Until now, SEO expert had pretty well managed to optimize the SEO of a web page, but mainly in the desktop version of the sites. If, as John Mueller says, the mobile first aspect will play a dominant role in 2017 in the indexing websites on Google, then it will be necessary to review the SEO of the pages in their mobile version.  

Nonetheless, Google reassures by specifying that if you already have a website responsive design, there is nothing to worry about. What is certain is that those who have not yet taken the plunge may well disappear in the depths of the SERPs …

We can’t help but think that this unbridled race towards the mobile has for reason the willingness of Google to impose the AMP.

Anyway, if you want to keep performing in SEO, you will have to think mobile first!

Here is the video of the conversation with John Mueller of Google: