Happy 30th anniversary .FR !

The top-level domain .FR is celebrating its 30 years of existence! In fact, the French extension was born on the September 2nd of 1986. The AFNIC was not born yet – she was created in 1998 – it was then the INRIA (French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics) that was in charge of the .FR. The extension was used for research needs.

Historique de l'extension .FR

Key dates of .FR

  • September 2nd 1986: the .FR is born under the expertise of INRIA
  • 1992: The NIC-FRANCE (named AFNIC now) opens to other French contractors wishing to connect to the internet. Five registrars then joined the first consultation committee.
  • 1995: First charter on the .FR naming. Already regarding the question of intellectual propriety, it defends the principles of promoting a “trusting space”. In order to better meet the expectations of companies that charter changes : it now allows multiple registration of .FR domain names for the same entity.
  • 1995: Introduction of the .FR domain names billing. It was mandatory to justify its name (company or association) with a statement from the prefecture or a K-bis (certificate of incorporation) extract.
  • March 30th 2015: The AFNIC extends the possibility to register .FR domain names for a duration of one to ten years. Before this, it wasn’t possible to register a domain for more than one year.
  • December 4th 1997: The INRIA is changing the structure in charge of the .FR: The AFNIC (French Association for Cooperative Internet Naming) is created in January 1998 and takes the lead of this activity.
  • 2000: The .FR opens to generic names, long blocked. In that year, a list of so-called “prohibited” terms and the recognition of the transferability of a domain name by the acceptance of its transmission were also launched.
  • 2004: The .FR registration rules continue to change: buying a .FR domain becomes cheaper. In addition, all legal entities (public organizations, companies, craftsmen, associations and trademark holders) may obtain a .FR domain name without claiming a right to the name. With this ease on the registration rules, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and the CMAP (Center of Mediation and Arbitration of Paris) are launching alternative procedures of dispute resolution (ADR) to accompany the beneficiaries. That same year the .FR is among the first three geographic extensions to be accessible through IPv6 protocol.
  • May 2005: The names of the French towns are now protected for registration and reserved only for the town halls of the cities concerned. This list will join the list of prohibited terms constituted in the year 2000 to form the list of fundamental terms which now counts more than 30,000 terms.
  • March 2010: Opening of the .FR extension to all French living abroad wishing to purchase a .FR domain.
  • March 22nd 2011: Enactment of the law concerning the new legal framework of .FR domain names previously “prohibited” and “reserved”.
  • July 1st 2011: Publication of the new naming policy applied to .FR domains.
  • September 2011: The AFNIC celebrates the 25th .FR birthday

Let’s just wish a happy birthday and long live the .FR !

Sources: Afnic.fr