Meet the Youdot Team

    Delphine, Youdot Product Manager, introduce you to her team. Specialized in drop-catching, the Youdot team is working day after day to improve the customer experience by offering the best domain names for SEO. Tom, Front Developer, works to optimize the website, permitting our clients to find easily their favorite domain names. Julien and Yoan are developers on the snap part to pick up the greater domain names…

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    333,8 million domain names registered on the internet

    The Internet keeps growing. Global player Verisign, specialized in domain names registration, recently published a report revealing the latest data for the first trimester of 2018. 333,8 million: this is the number of domains names which have been registered since the beginning of the first trimester 2018, all extensions considered. This represents a 1,4 million…


    Monaco buys the domain name for millions

    The world market capitalization of cryptocurrencies reached an exceptional peak last January. Even though market capitalization has decreased since then, the public interest for Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies has not completely waned. This is evidenced by the amount of exchanges and purchases of blockchain and crypto-related domain names. For instance, was sold towards…



    Youdot will participate in the 6th edition of the Web Marketing Festival, taking place on June 21st, 22nd and 23rd at Rimini’s Palacongressi! Come and meet Delphine, Estelle and Simonetta of the Youdot team on Stand 90 of the Web Marketing Festival (WMF) to talk about SEO, Web Marketing and expired domain names! We will…


    OMEXPO: Youdot’s first event in Spain

    This year, we are further opening ourselves to the world by translating our upcoming Youdot platform into different languages (including Spanish) and by improving our drop catching algorithm on various extensions. Spain is an extremely dynamic country when it comes to the development of digital businesses and is open to experimentation. Hence why we just…


    Earn cashback with Youdot Referral Program

    Out of the 330 million active domain names worldwide, 1% are dropped every month. 100,000 domains expire each day, then these domain names become available again.  And the rule is first come, first served. Some of these domains are real treasures, for SEO, for speculation, or for monetization. Domainers are able to appreciate the value of domain names, according to its rarity,…

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