At Youdot, a lot of our clients successfully use expired domain names for their Link Building strategy and thus improve their SEO. On the main reasons is that they save a lot of time, especially since it is more and more complex and expensive to get backlinks to point on a website, given the constant changes of Google.

How to find expired domain names and in redemption period?

Quite simply, at YouDot! In fact, our platform offer you the possibility to consult different domain names that we identified, qualified and recovered only for you. They are available either at auctions or on direct sales. We also detect the ones that are about to expire – but are still in their redemption period. Thus, you can do a backorder on these domain names that will come to expire in X days. If the former holder shows up, he will have the possibility to use his preemption right and get back his domain. But if he doesn’t you will be able to become the new holder of this domain name.

How to determine the quality of a domain name?

At first a generic domain name can be a real asset for you if it relies to your theme. But it is its SEO quality that will help you build a netlinking strategy and grow your natural SEO. In that matter, there are some criteria you will need to check.

YouDot analyze and recover a lot of metrics for each domain, such as the number of backlinks, the Trust Flow, or even the age of the domain name.

How to use expired domain names?

There are two ways to use expired domain names properly:

One of the most frequent usage is to simply redirect an expired domain name to your main website. To do that a permanent 301 redirection is used. Thus, an internet user who will click or tape the url of the previous website will be redirect to the new address. This technic allows you to conserve all of the former links. It is also perfect for getting back all the direct traffic of the previous domain name, if it had a certain notoriety or was bookmarked in the favorites.

Another approach is to create a website on this expired domain name. This one should be separate from your main site to which you will point a qualified link on key phrases. The goal is to make your target website rank through this new website. This procedure can be repeated several times in order to constitute a constellation of websites and blogs.

In order to keep ranking, it is important to ensure that the links are qualified and that the authority of these niche websites do not decline.

Moreover, it is possible to use expired domain names in a logic other than SEO: speculation for example. When buying an expired domain name, it is possible to resell it later to an interested buyer and making profit from it.

Finally, if one is adept of affiliation, it is possible to make advantage of these domain names by creating money sites via a PBN (Private blog network) and sell ebooks, affiliate products of Adsense ads.