How to exploit your expired domain names quickly

Youdot allows you to find expired domain names with good metrics to integrate into your SEO strategy. But buying an expired domain name is only the first step towards fully utilizing its SEO potential.

A simple application of an expired domain is, for example, to create a PBN (Private Blog Network). The sites of the blog network will then be used to generate traffic and transmit authority to your main site in order to reach the first positions on SERPs.

To create a PBN, you need to take into account the hosting and configuration of a WordPress site (theme, logo, basic plugins) and the periodic generation of content to take advantage of the SEO juice existing on your expired domain. Of course, many services allow you to perform all these tasks separately.

Quickly create a site and content on your expired domains

To help you take the plunge and benefit now from the SEO power of your expired domains, we have developed a turnkey service for creating search engine-optimized blogs. With just a few clicks and no technical knowledge required, you can bring your expired domains to life and get your SEO off the ground.

We create unique sites on these domains, filled with original content in your topics of choice.

We add contextualized backlinks that will give authority to the site you want to rank.

We regularly create original content to support your SEO progression curve over the long term.

Depending on your hosting and content needs, you can choose from several options:

Why choose a Youdot optimized site rather than a netlinking platform?

By entrusting the creation of your SEO website to Youdot you enjoy several advantages compared to the purchase of backlinks on traditional platforms:

    • You benefit from a custom website, hosting and unique content published regularly at a lower price than if you used separate services
    • Your backlinks are contextualized and inserted in articles that relevant to your theme
    • You control the fact that your backlinks remain active
    • Your SEO website is delivered within days, you can exploit the potential of your expired domain names quickly without losing their SEO benefits

To better understand how Youdot’s PBN creation offer works, watch this video:

To create your SEO blog and exploit the full SEO potential of your expired domains today, log in to your account and click on the “Plan” tab for the domain of your choice or visit our page dedicated to the PBN creation feature.