How to increase web traffic using social networks

Social media help increase web traffic, but sometimes we do not use them as we should. Learn to manage your networks in order to increase your web traffic.

Web traffic: how to increase it with social media

These days, social media have a lot of potential when it comes to sharing information with your audience. They allow you to receive comments, gain reach and increase traffic to your website.

The importance of social media to drive more traffic to your website

Social media are gaining more and more importance within blogs, but also when it comes to the positioning of websites in search engines. Having a presence on social media will help you improve the branding of your personal brand or company in order to give it more visibility.

What are the benefits of having an effective management strategy for your social networks?

✅ Increase web traffic and visits to your blog or online store

 Increase the visibility of your online content

 Stay in touch with your clients in a more direct way

 Build a community in a simpler way

It’s not enough just to have quality content on your site or blog to increase web traffic. It’s also necessary to promote it well, and social media are the perfect channel for that.

Many of the visits received by blogs or websites come directly from social networks. Nowadays, up to 40% of a company’s web traffic can come from social media.

Tips for getting more web traffic from social networks

After mentioning the importance of managing your profiles on social networks in order to get direct web traffic, here are some useful tips to help you increase the number of visits coming from your social media.

Determine which of your content generates the most traffic

You need to determine which content is most likely to increase web traffic from your social networks. Analyze which articles generated the most interactions and repeat the same pattern with other publications.

It can be very useful to analyze the competition. Take a look at the posts they share on social media and their results in terms of interactions and engagement: is the content they share successful? Does it look like your content? This technique allows you to discover ideas for your articles and how to share them on networks.

There are tools such as Metricool that allow you to perform an analysis of your social networking skills by identifying their metrics at given time periods. You will be able to see what worked best or what worked the least rather easily.



Identify the best hours to publish on your networks

Knowing when to share content on social networks is just as important as knowing what content works best. To find the best time slot for publishing content, analyze when there are the most active users among your subscribers and try to publish during those hours.

Frequency of publishing content

Once you have defined what content works best on social media and when it’s best to publish your articles on each social network, you cannot let your articles be forgotten. 

Set a schedule to keep track of the number of times the content has been published on your networks. There are platforms such as Twitter where it is possible to publish more content per day than on other networks like Instagram.

NOTE: If you want to promote something more than once, avoid the systematic copy & paste and slightly modify the text when you will republish it.

Reuse content to extend reach

A good way to have more reach on social networks is to use content multiple times. Share the messages more than once on social networks, so that people who have not seen it the first time can see it in a future post.

Metricool can also help you automate and save time when you publish content more than once.

Interact with your audience

Maintain a relationship with your audience. It is important that you take care of them. Analyze the image you offer on social networks and do not limit your activity to content sharing. You can also open debates, ask questions or even answer them.

Many people click on social media links because they feel close to the brand.

After applying these tips on how to get web traffic from your social media, it’s essential to measure the activity of both your social networks and your website to see if the strategy you have implemented works.


Are you ready to launch your new social networking strategy?