How to make money with Expired Domain Parking

The domain name parking is a common technique used in the domaining business and when it is well mastered, it is then possible to make a lot of money with it. Many YouDot customers use Domain Parking to enhance their domain name portfolio.

Before you look at how you are going to earn money and how much, you first need to understand how it works.

What is Domain Parking?

Let’s start from the assumption that you already know what a domain name is. An expired one is a domain that has not been renewed by its holder at the end of the redemption period.


There are several types of domain names that expire, and some benefit from a huge potential, especially in terms of traffic. It is these domains that have the most visits that represent a real opportunity for domainers. When you invest in domain names and set up web pages to monetize their respective traffic, you do what is called the parking of expired domain names.

If you want to earn money fast with domain names, domain parking is definitely the quickest technique to do so. You can start making money today, as soon as you put your parking pages in place. The best domainers use this method to create quick revenue and reinvest it back into recovering expired domain names and develop their portfolio.

Making money with expired domain names: an honest, legal and lucrative business

Buying expired domain names is a legal practice. If the former holder has abandoned his domain, it is often because it no longer had any interest for his business. Apart from the few cases related to misuse in the case of brand protection, using domain names for your business is a legitimate practice.


The technique of domain name parking is the method that makes it possible to get the return on investment as quickly as possible. Indeed, if we compare to the speculation method on domain names, we find that this approach requires to see to medium or even long term. Thus, a domainer can buy domain names on an intuition and resell them at the most appropriate time, several months or years later. Others will prefer to work their domains to rank them as much as possible in a theme. But it obviously depends on the sensitivities and skills of each person.

Parking de noms de domaine


When everything is properly set up, this business can prove to be quickly lucrative and bring you several hundred or even thousands of euros per month.

How to get started in this business? What do you need to know? Let’s find out how to develop your business in Expired Domain Names.

Finding Expired Domain Names

As mentioned above, there are several types of domain names expiring. And there are different uses. Also, do not throw yourself on the first expired domain that crosses your way. As a reminder, what you are interested in is the traffic linked to the domain. First of all, you have to look for domains in a very specific topic, in this case the one you are interested in. If you want to advertise on the theme of travel, credit or makeup, this will impact on the choice of domain to use. To do so, consult the domain keywords. Thus, by doing your search with an intelligent search engine – such as YouDot – you will be able to identify the most relevant domains on your topic. You can use filters to ignore certain keywords, choose a maximum number of characters, select only the extensions you think are the most relevant (.FR, .ME, .EU, .BE for example) depending on the language of the content and advertising.

On Youdot it is thus possible to recover real gems. The service is free, you just need to sign in to access the list of expired domain names. You will find the Domain Names about to expire and position you to pre-order them. If the domain is free, you can recover it. Otherwise (ie if the former holder has finally retracted and has chosen to renew it) it is unfortunate for you, but at least the operation will cost you nothing.

Be careful! If the domain interests you, chances are you are not the only one wanting to acquire it. And in this case, the domain goes to auction for 7 days and the person who will make the highest bid will win.


Analyze your domains

For each domain name listed on the backorder platform, Youdot provides information on many indicators such as backlinks, domain’s age, Trust Flow … These are taken when the domain name is snapped and then updated every two months.

By reviewing these data, you will be able to appreciate the quality of the expired domain, its traffic, and the quality of its links so that you could use them later.

Register your domains

Once you have carried out the appropriate analyzes, the next step is to recover the domain(s) you are interested in on our backorder service: once the domain is purchased, it is recovered and you can immediately administrate it in your domain names portfolio.


Park your domains!

There are many solutions to make domain names parking. But it might be a problem if you have several dozen or even hundreds of domains to manage. The easiest way is to do it directly via the Youdot administration system. It only takes a few seconds, you just have to copy and paste your html code by providing the relevant information. It’s easy and simple!

Gérer les pages parkings de ses domaines web

The next step is to monetize your parking page through different advertising or affiliate systems. We will explain this in a coming article.

In the meantime, you can go now on to find the domains you are interested in among more than 250,000 domain names and more than 10 extensions!