How to register and manage your .FR domain name?

You have or you want to register a domain name with the .FR TLD ? But are you sure to master the different technical modalities or some legal aspects concerning the French domain names extension ? With almost 3M of domain names, with a great amount registered by companies or association-like structures, AFNIC uses a didactic approach towards domain names holders.

How to register and manage a .FR domain name ? Practical guide

The AFNIC (French Association for Cooperative Internet Naming), published a practical guide destined to .FR domain name holders. This document assembles all the practical and legal information you need to have in order to properly manage your domain name.


  1. From choosing to buying your domain name : a commitment
  2. Your rights and obligations with respect to a domain name
  3. Technical operations possible on a domain name
  4. What to do if you have forgotten to renew your domain name and a third person has registered it
  5. What to do when you have been notified that a syreli or ADR expert procedure has been opened involving a domain name you hold

A great initiative from the AFNIC that we welcome. We invite you to download their document by clicking on the image below.

[cml_media_alt id='2164']Practical-guide-for-holders-of-domain-names-under-theFR[/cml_media_alt]
Download the Practical Guide for Holders of Domain Names under the .FR