Improving your netlinking with expired domain names

When it comes to securing front-page rankings on Google, the competition is fierce. In these conditions, it is essential to create quality content that is optimized for search engines in order to rank in a sustainable manner.

But the best content in the world is not enough in itself to make a site rank high, it is also necessary that other sites refer to this content.

Generating backlinks to go up in search engines

Google’s algorithm is based on the assumption that if many sites refer to and link to another site, it is because its content is relevant and of high quality.

This logic is the same as for academic publications: if a paper is cited multiple times, this gives it more legitimacy in the eyes of the community. These links pointing to your site are called backlinks and are thus part of a netlinking strategy.

How to get backlinks quickly?

Generating natural backlinks to your site can however take months or even years. A simple solution to accelerate and optimize this netlinking process is to create a PBN (Private Blog Network).

The aim here is to improve the positioning of your main site by associating it with a network of blogs around the same theme. The blogs in this network belong to you and you control the content published on them. Therefore, you also control the backlinks and the context of the backlinks that come from your blogs.

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Creating a PBN from expired domain names

To create a network of blogs, you need to start by purchasing domain names that are relevant to your topic. You can choose blank domain names and start from scratch, but this would be counterproductive if your goal is to speed up the process of netlinking your site.

A blank domain name has no online presence, it is “brand new” and completely unknown to Google: it has no history. It is therefore not the most suitable solution for creating a PBN.

Why create a PBN on expired domain names?

Therefore, it makes sense to turn to expired domain names. These domains have an SEO history because they already had a life on the internet, and are known by Google.

Moreover, most of them already have dozens of backlinks to their credit and enjoy greater legitimacy in the eyes of search engines. To better understand how backlinks can influence the authority of a domain name, check out our Easy SEO episode on SEO juice (subtitles available in English):

How to buy expired domain names?

On you can access a list of expired domains available to create your PBN. You will find domain names starting at €20 with extensions such as .com or .org. Youdot’s search engine and various filters allow you to select the domains that are most relevant to your needs.

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