Internet accounts for 334,6 million of domain names

The worldwide domain names market has known a great year. In summer 2016, the internet accounted for 334,6 million of registered domain names, all extensions included.

According to the study published by the American company Verisign, it’s nearly 7,9 million of domain names that have been registered during the second quarter of 2016, namely 2.4% of raise in compartison to the first quarter 2016. Compared to the year 2015, we notice a sizable raise of the number of domain names, 12.9% in only a year.

The .com stay on top, the .fr is at the 10th position

Among the top-level domain names, the .com maintain its first position with nearly 127 million of registration, followed by the .tk (who said phishing ?), the .cn and .de. Then comes, in the fifth and sixth position, the opened generic domains .net and .org. The success of the .com, comes from its massive use by companies, by choosing the .com they fulfill their commercials and internationals expectations, giving a universality dimension to their brand.

Top 10 des principaux TLD dans le monde
Top 10 des principaux TLD par nombre d’enregistrement
(Source: Zooknic, Q2 2016; Verisign, Q2 2016; Centralized Zone Data Service, Q2 2016)

National top-level domains account for almost 150 million of registrations, during the first quarter of 2016. The first country is Tokelau (for reason of free registration), followed by China (.cn), Germany (.de) and United Kingdom (.uk). And in 10th position, just behind Australia is France with the .fr extension. #cocorico ????????
The .FR TLD is soon to reach 3 million of registered domain names. Although it is quite behind other countries, but as AFNIC says, the interest for .FR is growing.

Domaine de premier niveau par pays

Besides, we noticed that the new TLDs such as .xyz and .club had an impact on the growing amount of domains registration.

To go further we invite you to check out the worldwide domain names map.