Interview with MARIO ARMENTA,  Seo expert for 10 years et founder of publisuites

Mario Armenta, founder of Publisuites and SEO expert answered to our interview.

Mario Armenta, CEO Publisuites
Mario Armenta, CEO Publisuites

Hello Mario, can you introduce yourself in a few words as well as Publisuites?

Hi, in a nutshell, I’m Mario Armenta and I’ve been in the SEO world for 10 years. Four years ago, we launched the idea of ​​Publisuites, which is today the most important platform in Spain and Latin America for the purchase and sale of sponsored articles. And we have been constantly recruiting writers since last year.


Where did the idea of Publisuites come from and how did you get started?

Before Publisuites existed, sponsored articles were sold in the forums without any warranty. When you bought an article, they sometimes erased it the following week without you being able to get your money back. Publisuites has emerged as a safe alternative for both buyers and sellers.

In addition to sponsored articles, publishers and social networks have also been added so that companies can have access to all their resources from one single platform.


You’ve been in SEO for 10 years: what perception do you have of organic referencing today? Would you say it’s simpler or more complicated than before?

Today, someone who starts can quickly go mad. Many things have changed, especially at the technical level. For those of us who have been around for a while, we simply had to change some SEO aspects, such as linkbuilding. We can no longer use any link or rely on standardized methods that can’t be easily detected.


What do you think about black hat techniques in SEO?

As long as they are not used to penalize the referencing of another web, it seems good to me. If Google has flaws, why not take advantage of it? In the end, even if you act correctly, your website ranking can go from the top 5 to the top 20 due to an algorithm change. This happened recently to the YMYL websites, where even those who were well optimized saw their ranking dropped. That’s why I say yes to blackhat, but to oneself.


Let’s talk about expired domain names: how to improve your organic referencing through domain names? Do you use expired domain names in setting up SEO strategies for customers (or for yourself)? Care to share some examples of successes / figures?

A quality expired domain can save you months of linkbuilding work. In addition to the money saved for the purchase of links that it can contain. In my case, one that gave me recently very good results is the domain of a fashion blogger that had expired because he did not want to renew it. It had many links on the same theme and had been maintained for 5 years. I bought it, I created a fashion blog following its theme to make the most of the links and from the first week, the articles started to position themselves. After 3 months, the site already has 50K monthly visits and it is just going up more and more.


How do you think Youdot can help current customers at Publisuites?

With any doubt Youdot can help them to get expired domains for their business. With these domains, they can then create satellite websites and thus get leads or even monetize them with AdSense, affiliatate programs, etc.


Apart from Publishers and Youdot, what are your favorite tools for Digital Marketing?

My favorites are:

  • Ahrefs to analyze the links and the site quality
  • Url profile to analyze website listings.
  • Screaming Frog to scrap and audit the SEO On Page.
  • Safecont to detect poor quality content on sites containing thousands of pages
  • Text Mechanic to work with scraped data
  • Metricool to manage social networks


Publisuites is a solution for setting up a content marketing strategy. How do you see the evolution of content marketing in the years to come?

Content marketing is already evolving to video or graphic formats such as computer graphics. Also to the audio. And in terms of textual content, writers need more SEO knowledge and skills. Those who do not keep abreast of the market will have less and less work.

Publisuites is very present in Spain. You have ambitions for the rest of Europe I imagine. Can you tell us more about the different markets that interest you and how Publisuites can address them?

We are opening ourselves more and more to the Latin American market, especially in Argentina and Mexico. Although we have customers and websites to offer in all countries worldwide. In addition to the Hispanic market, we have more than 1,000 German and Italian websites and we are currently starting in the UK and France. It is in these last two countries that we are starting to attract media that want to make business with Publisuites. In addition, the platform is available in several languages. In total, we have 8,700 websites worldwide, several available languages, and we hope to exceed 10,000 sites by the end of this year.


Thank you for responding to our questions. A last one: is there in your roadmap upcoming developments on the Publisuites platform that are to be published soon? (and which you can communicate about!)

With regard to websites, the most recent development has been the integration of 700 websites from Germany. Apart from that, we work on improving the quality of the writers who create the texts for our clients’ blogs. And other important feature is that we will soon be able to make retweet and likes campaigns.

Finally, thank you very much for this interview and if a reader wishes to add his website or register as publisher with Publisuites, we will be delighted to welcome him.


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