Monitor available domain names with the alert system

Your domain name is already taken? You’re looking for a domain name on a specific theme? Stack the odds in your favor to snap the domain you want at the exact moment it is released. To do that, YouDot has created an alert system on domain names.

How to be alerted of the arrival of new domains corresponding to my keywords? ➡️ Create a free alert on YouDot

Make your life easier! Receive by email the new domains related to your needs.

In fact, on YouDot’s platform, you have the possibility to create free alerts on the upcoming domain names related to the keywords you want to monitor.

To do so you only need to do a research with a keyword of your choice, then select one or more extension (.FR,.DE,.EU,.NL, …) on which you wish to monitor the keyword, then click on Create an alert.

Créer une alerte sur ces noms de domaine

You can add as any alerts as you want, this functionality is completely free.

You will receive, once a day at most, a list of all new domain names available for sale or backorder for each of your keywords.

Finally, you can manage your list of keywords in alerts from the page “My alerts” in your account. Thus, if you’re not any more interested in one of the keywords or domain name, you can easily change your preferences.

Paramètre altéré DNS

Hurry up and go on our platform to benefit from this free functionality that will make you save a precious amount of time each day!