Do more than just SEO with the content you create

If you are in charge of webmarketing for your company or within an agency, you might have thought about a content strategy to improve your SEO. This is a very useful step and it should have a beneficial effect on your search engine ranking.

Nevertheless, you should know that content is worthless if it does not bring added value to the people who end up on your page. Getting more traffic is good, but you have to convert your visits into registrations or purchases. This can be improved so that your potential visitors will want to click on the link in the SERPs to see your content. It is therefore important to think about how you can create content whose objective is not only SEO-oriented. To do this, here are a few tips:

Publish “Killer Content”

Using linkbuilding is very important in the roll-out of your content marketing strategy and for SEO, especially when it comes to gaining positions in search engine rankings. The whole issue is based on the ability for your content to get people to make backlinks towards it. So how can you do it? The only valid answer is to produce Killer Content. By posting content that has a high added value, that is precise and useful and that is not a simple juxtaposition of uninteresting keywords, chances are that it is worthy of interest and that users will want to incorporate it into their own writings by mentioning it through a link in an article on their site or blog.

As Jay Baer said during his lecture at Content Marketing World in 2013, create content so useful that people would pay for it.

Teach something new

People with an interest in the same industry as your company are only interested in your content when they can derive some benefit from it. List articles such as “SEO tips checklist for writing articles” or “55 important facts about Google that you may not know” are often a much more effective way to capture the attention of your audience than a general topic (just like this article :-D).

Seek to convert

Publishing new content to spark the interest of your readers and creating an engagement with it are essential. To do this, don’t try to sell your content like you would sell a tube of toothpaste. Too often we read over-optimized articles that could pass as a sales pitch.

If your articles rank well, chances are that people will search for the topic you wrote about and land on your page. This means that they are looking to learn something from your article. Rather than trying to sell, try to convert. Give your readers valuable information that can only help and inspire them to discover more about your site or what your brand has to offer as a service or product.

Be a reference

Your content must be authoritative in your field. This obviously includes SEO, so that your brand can grow thanks to it. People want to know that you are recognized in your subject matter and that you bring a real added value by offering new material. You can also be original by bringing your personal touch to well-written content. By boosting your authority, you become an expert in the eyes of search engines and your readers.

Provide answers

The ability of content to provide answers is often overlooked. This is how search engines work: providing an answer to a question. If the content you offer somehow solves a problem or question, then you can be sure you’re right, and the value of your content will increase instantly.

Sow seeds

A good strategy is to start a debate, by planting the seeds of an idea. #JustSaying. You can hook your readers with an anecdote in the intro, let them marinate with questions, or tell a story on a specific topic that will make them wonder. If it makes them think, then you’ve won your bet because chances are they’ll come back to visit you and react.

Write regularly

This is probably one of the most frequently repeated pieces of advice! Many people launch a blog platform or a news section on their site to develop their content and then abandon it after a few weeks or months. Not only is this not good for SEO, but it’s also not very beneficial to your brand image. Imagine the reaction of a visitor who comes to your website or blog and sees that the last post was written 6 months ago! That’s not a good look. But if someone who discovers your site for the first time notices that you frequently post content, they will be more likely to come back. Now that sounds obvious.

Post regularly, it’s good for SEO and it’s good for your image!

Reap the fruits of your labour

It is normal to prioritize these efforts in SEO, but this should not be done at the expense of content quality. Develop killer content so that people will want to backlink your article. Teach new things, focus on conversion and become a recognized expert! The best type of content is often the one that provides answers or invites readers to ask questions. As long as you follow this path, you’ll get much more out of your content than just SEO and you’ll start seeing results.

Do you think there are other ways to develop your content (other than pure SEO)? Feel free to share your opinion below in the comments section!