How to optimize content creation on your PBN blog?

Creating a PBN or Private Blog Network is an interesting solution to improve the natural referencing of your main site and send quality SEO juice to it. In this article, we will focus more specifically on the creation of content for PBN blogs, which is an essential part of any SEO strategy.

If you are not yet familiar with PBNs and their SEO benefits, you can read our article “What is a PBN and why create one?” or “Choosing the right expired domain names for your PBN“.

The different types of content for a PBN blog

Content is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy and this is why you will need to pay special attention to producing suitable content on your PBN blogs.

Content is what allows Google to understand what a site is about and to judge on which topic this site is authoritative. It goes without saying that if you decide to create a PBN of 10 blogs, for example, regular copywriting can quickly become a full-time job.

The goal of a PBN is not to occupy all your free time, so you need to think about other strategies to optimize content creation and make it profitable. Here are some ideas to consider depending on the quality of content you want and the budget you have.

Outsourcing article writing

This is of course the fastest but also the most expensive technique to generate quality content for your PBN blogs. Many services offer to write content with just a short briefing, but the quality of the final article is largely dependent on the price you are willing to pay.

Indeed, you can’t expect journalistic writing when you pay 0.8 cents per word. And as the saying goes: “good, fast, cheap: you can only choose two“.

En effet, on ne s’attend pas à du Camus quand on paye 0,008 euros du mot. Et comme dit l’adage : “rapide, pas cher, bien fait, vous ne pouvez en choisir que deux“.

This strategy is interesting if you have a large budget or if your goal is to have a blog with very high quality content.

This is especially true if your blog is in a very competitive niche and is more likely to be manually reviewed by Google. In other cases, you will probably be able to make do with the other types of content listed in this article.

Pros: quick and easy, passes a manual check

Cons: can be expensive if you want a good quality of writing

Spun content

Also known as content spinning, it is a fairly common technique in SEO, although not very qualitative most of the time. It consists in retrieving pieces of existing articles on a given theme and assembling them while reformulating the content. This allows, with a minimum of effort, to copy an existing article, avoiding duplicate content.

There are tools such as WordAI to automatically “reformulate” content but the resulting articles are mainly intended to be read by machines (especially Google robots), a human would easily notice the automated aspect of the content. To obtain a more natural result, it will therefore be necessary to configure the tool properly.

This option should therefore be used sparingly and in combination with other forms of copywriting in order to pass a possible human check by Google.

Pros: quick, low cost, possibility to produce in large quantities

Cons: low content quality, will not pass a manual check

Content curation

Content curation is a fast and efficient way to produce content of acceptable quality with minimal effort. This method consists of gathering a list of quality articles on a particular topic and then adding your own remarks and comments.

By using quotes and rewording wisely, you can quickly produce a fairly long article with a minimum of effort.

Pros: easy to find content

Cons: requires some writing and analysis to pass a manual check by Google and not be considered duplicate content

Analysis of multimedia content

In the same vein as content curation, you can also use existing multimedia content and analyze it. This is much less time-consuming than creating an article from scratch.

You can, for instance, review a graphic design, summarize a video and add your analysis, or compile an image gallery by adding text.

The advantage is that this varied content will make your blog more attractive and lively, giving you a better chance if you had to undergo a manual check by Google.

Pros: easy to find content, gives a more attractive visual aspect to your blog

Cons: requires some effort to write text for the different types of content

The turnkey solution: complete blog creation and recurring content

There are services available to simplify the process of creating and managing a PBN blog. For example, Youdot makes it possible to generate a blog on the theme of your choice from an expired domain name that already has SEO juice. This website creation offer from Youdot is available from €9.90 per month and includes:

  • A custom logo + WordPress theme
  • Writing of initial and quarterly content
  • Installation of a WordPress with admin access
  • Daily backups
  • SEO-optimized Hosting
  • Contextualized backlinks
  • Original articles and royalty-free images
  • Delivery in a few days

Pros: practical and fast when starting in PBNs, no maintenance needed from you, recurrence of contents

Cons: not necessary if you have time and want to manage your PBN manually

In a nutshell

Creating content for a blog network can be a time-consuming and expensive activity depending on the strategy you choose. The quality of the resulting content is largely dependent on how much time and money you are willing to spend on it.

And beyond the content itself, you also have to take care of hosting your site, creating a visual identity or optimizing its ranking, which generally involves multiple tools (host, WordPress, SEO tools…).

The objective of a PBN blog is to boost the SEO of your main site, therefore it is preferable for its management to be as optimized as possible, allowing you to spend more time on the main site that actually generates income.

We have seen together the options available to you as well as their advantages and disadvantages. It is now up to you to choose the solution that best suits your needs and budget.