SEO Basics for 2018

Have you recently bought an expired domain name on Do you want to make the best of your domain name and optimize your SEO? Would you like to improve your PBN’s ranking in order to benefit your money site? Youdot gives you some of the best SEO techniques for 2018.

Mobile First: more than a trend, a necessity

The number of mobile search queries is now higher than desktop searches. This is a proportion to take into account when optimizing your site for SEO. Indeed, even if a responsive website is not a mandatory factor to rank in Google, it is however important to adapt your UI/UX to the new browsing behavior of users who are accessing your site from mobile devices. You cannot ignore your mobile users. Mobile First also means that the creation of a website, be it for the content, graphics, call-to-actions, has to give primacy to the mobile interface. Think mobile first before anything else. 📱

Voice search

This factor is going to have an influence on the way we write content. The voice search capacity of most devices nowadays implies that we have to produce content written in a more conversational style. It has to answer the questions that users would actually ask and do so using natural speech. Content will more and more have to be written for humans rather than in the sometimes artificial way imposed by Google’s algorithms. 🗣

Long-form, quality content

Long-form content is taking flight in 2018 more than ever. In a context where content is mass-produced, users seem to appreciate articles that are over 1500 words long. They to share it more on social media and this kind of content attract more links. These infographics perfectly explain the importance of content length when it comes to SEO and conversion. Indeed, longer content is generally high-quality content as it requires more research and analysis. This makes for a refreshing break from the never-ending flow of short, low-quality content flooding social media news feeds. On top of that, users love to share this type of content as it makes them feel good about themselves to show that they are interested in more than videos of cats scared by cucumbers. 🥒

Secured website

In 2018, if your website in not in https, you might be deliberately trying not to improve your ranking 😉 As a matter of fact, Google penalizes non-secure websites, and on most browsers, sites using only HTTP will show up with a message regarding security. This can drive users away and increase your bounce rate, thus telling Google that your site is not deemed relevant by users. In most cases, your web host already offers a secured server but if that’s not the case it should not be very difficult to obtain an https certificate. 🔐

Video content is king

According to a study by Cisco, video will represent 82% of internet traffic by 2021. Video is an easy content to consume and habits are changing: generation Y spends more time watching YouTube video on their phones while older people would more naturally turn to television. YouTube is the second search engine after Google, this is a great opportunity to optimize your website’s visibility for your clients and also optimize your SEO by giving users the content they want. 🎥

The rise of personal assistants

This factor is linked to the development of voice search. With Google Home, Alexa and the Apple Home Pod becoming increasingly popular, content will have to take a more and more conversational tone. A human will not ask ‘Jennifer Lawrence films’, which is only a series of juxtaposed keywords, but would rather ask something along the lines of ‘which films has Jennifer Lawrence starred in?” which is a question that could be asked from human to human. It will, therefore, be important to take these new search methods into account and adapt content so that it answers questions asked in conversational speech. 🙊

Features snippets

Google’s result page has changed a lot since its beginnings when it used to be a simple list with blue links. The habits of Internet users have also evolved and are now much more familiar with the search results page while also being able to distinguish organic results from Google ads. Google is therefore always improving the way its results page is displayed. Through featured snippets, results are now more visual in order to provide information as quickly and as clearly as possible. Sometimes, the necessity to click on a link is removed by the fact that the information the user is looking for is already featured in a snippet. To allow the display of featured snippet you will have to use the schema standard which consists of HTML tags allowing Google to extract the relevant information from your website in order to style it into a featured snippet. These tags allow your content to be read more easily by search engines and thus to show more relevant results to users. 🙌

SEO is not an exact science but being aware of these factors can be a good start to plan your SEO strategy. Whether you wish to create a website with an expired domain name or set up a PBN for your money site, you cannot go wrong if you keep in mind the recommendations mentioned above.

Did you already know about these trends? Do you find it difficult to optimize your website for search engines?