SEO: Bet on your content!

When we talk about user experience we must address the issue of the content quality on a site. This question has often been thorny in the past, when one preferred the quantity of articles to the quality. It was that time when we had to offer more and more new content to the ogre Google in order to see our site position more quickly in the SERP. This time is well and truly over. Nowadays it is important to create a quality content in order to generate traffic and shares, but also to think “SEO friendly” to ensure a better consideration by the search engines.

The title: your first concern

As a good press reporter, your title plays a vital role:

  • It has to attract the internet user and make him click. A good title is a short and impacting title. The internet user must be attracted at a glance. Did you ever caught yourself clicking on a very attractive title of the type “Incredible what he does with his calculator and a bottle of Coca”? Come on, don’t pretend it didn’t happen! Nonetheless, don’t drift off on the dark side of the title to clicks, but become aware, with this example, of the importance and stakes behind a good title. Now you know, so innovate!
  • A good title serves your SEO with the help of keywords and key phrases composing it. Choose your words wisely and place them at the beginning of your title. This will give a better visibility to your content.

Long live the Meta Tag Description

This is THE unloved tag by the webmasters. It has no direct impact on the SEO and yet it has an essential role. For the beginners, this tag is a short description (that must not exceed 156 characters) placed under the page title in the search engines. It allows internet users to have a brief summary of your page content and thus incite them to click. Even if Google said that the meta description has no direct impact on the SEO, we can suppose that there is an indirect impact:

Quality Meta Description > increase of the CTR (click-through rate) > result considered of quality as the CTR increase > better SEO

Some tips before you run fiery on your keyboard to review your meta tags description:

  • Each meta description has to be unique or Google might consider your pages as duplicate content.
  • Don’t ever put a list of keywords: not only does this have no value for the internet user but also because you would be considered a spammer.
  • Don’t repeat your keyword too much: it harms the readability and is not appreciated by the search engines

Beyond the purely SEO aspect, the Meta Title and Meta Description tags must be pampered as they are two important factors influencing the choice of the user in the SERP.


Structuring the content with Titles tags

To go a little further, it is [very] strongly indicated to structure its content using different tags of levels. These go from h1 to h6. Not only the level tags ease the reading for the user but they also participate in the optimization of SEO by giving the search engines additional indications. Obviously, this advice only applies if the content of your article can be prioritized.


Your content must be unique!

You must, at any price, ban once and for all the duplicate content. Google penalizes sites that copy other sites. It’s up to you to produce interesting content for your readers. The risk if you don’t follow this rule? To see your site penalized because it is not enough qualitative or it present duplicate content. Beware, Google is watching you!