The .FR extension is doing well

The AFNIC, French Association for Cooperative Internet Naming, has just published its new French domain name industry report. It provides a positive assessment of the .fr domain name extension and an overview of its evolution between 2011 and 2016.

The .FR extension is quite popular ????????

Thus, the .FR extension increased by 2,22% in 2016, despite the crisis and the slowdown in operation since 2012. Compared to the 28 domain name extensions the European Union (ccTLDs), the .FR growth was more significant (+0,9 points) over the last 5 years. The AFNIC precise that this growth has not been affected by the wave of important registrations in China in 2015, and that this growth remains stable overall.

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The market share of the French extension has remained constant at 35% since 2011.

It is also noted that since the opening of .FR in 2011, the percentage of .FR domain names registered by foreigners has increased from 5% in 2013 to 7,5% in 2016. This shows the growing interest of foreign holders for this extension. The main countries are Germany (64,000 .FR), the Netherlands (30,000), the United Kingdom (30,000) and Belgium (27,000).

Concerning the second market for domain names, the .FR is still one of the most valued extensions. Freshly released domain names remain more than ever attractive opportunities!

Outlook and Forecasts for 2017

According to the AFNIC observatory, the .FR extension is now firmly established in its market, boasting a strong reputation and a customer base with proven “loyalty”. These assets are in favor of the French national TLD in a context where the market is changing due to the emergence of new players (the new gTLDs).

The greatest flexibility in registering a .FR domain makes it accessible to large international registrars as well as to internet presence actors positioning themselves as registrar resellers directly with the AFNIC.

As a reminder, at the end of 2016, the .FR went over 3 million of registered domain names. This extension reached a certain stage of maturity, after also celebrating its 30 years of existence, a few months ago. There is no doubt that the French’s favorite extension has some good days ahead! ???????? ????

For more details, we invite you to download the complete document down below.

French Domain Name Report
French Domain Name Report – Edited by AFNIC in March 2017