The importance of Social Media on SEO
Social Media Optimization (SMO) has, since the advent of social media, an integral part of a more comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and complement your SEO strategy. The weight of social networks in the SEO is a question to which we are necessarily confronted one day: what weight to give to the social? What strategy to take? Let’s analyze the interest of social networks in your SEO strategy.

Social Medias & SERP

Since 2010, Google integrates the social as a signal in its rankings. This is now one of the very many factors that will determine your position in the search results. Proof is, the SERPs have changed a lot since the explosion of social networks. Now, when doing a search on Google, Facebook and Twitter pages often appear in the results. Besides the notorious visual impact, it should be emphasized that content which are much liked and or tweeted act as smoke signals for the search engine. This indicates that a content has been judged to be of high quality by internet users, it will be positioned more quickly in the search results. It should not be forgotten that the factor “social networks” is also a factor that will evolve very frequently at the rate of updates of the sacrosanct Google algorithm.

Netlinking by Social Medias

The Social linking is an important asset for the SEO. Indeed, social networks can indirectly lead to the creation of links to your site. The virality of a post or message can lead to reach a very interested target in your content, such as a blogger or a journalist. The latter can then use your article as a source and integrate it in its article. Bingo: you just won a backlink. Without social networks, he might never have come across your article. Social networks are a good way to increase the chances of discovering your content, be it a post or a product. Test it and you will find that social medias can bring added value to your linkbuilding strategy.


The often-underestimated importance of Google+

When Google launched its social network in 2011 to counter Facebook, Twitter & Co, many people were rushing to Google+ to sign up. We remember that at the launch, the access was done in the drip. We felt a little like going to a huge nightclub, checking in at the entrance and once inside, it was disappointment: nothing was going on. As a result, many subscribers have deserted Google+ and many Community Managers then neglected it. Yet, Google’s Social Network has many advantages in terms of SEO. Google+ is one of our main allies allowing us to optimize our presence on the search engine. Its first advantage lies in the almost immediate indexing of the content shared on its network, therefore a significant gain in visibility. Just as beneficial in terms of visibility, your company page will be taken over by Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Create Social Medias friendly content

This may seem daunting but it is essential to privilege quality content for your blog. Apart from sharing content on your social networks so that it helps you in your SEO strategy, it is still necessary that it is shared, liked and retweeted. Now, what will determine the virality of a post on your blog will be its quality, its clarity and above all its originality. Beyond the evergreen kind of content, which is supposed to perform in the long term, it is necessary to produce content with a high viral potential, at the risk of being a little lighter and less thorough.
All too often, the SEO boils down to creating content for search engines and too many times we are forgetting the readers. Yet, it is humans, not robots, that read and share your content!
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