What is the redemption period?

The registration of a domain name is only valid for a certain period. It can vary from one year to ten years, depending on the registries. At the end of this period, it is possible to renew its domain name. Without a renewal from the holder, it then falls back into the public domain. To compensate for possible oversights, many registries offer a so-called redemption period. This stage corresponds to a blocking of the domain name to protect its previous holder, allowing him time to come forward to reactivate his domain before it falls back in the public domain. Therefore, it is a precautionary measure that protects the domain from any reservation by a third party.

Check the status of your domain name

You can easily check the status of your domain by doing a Whois. This way you will know if your domain is in redemption, quarantine or pending delete restoration.

The redemption period concerns only Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as the .com, .net, .org, as well as .fr, .it, .eu …

Attendre qu'un nom de domaine se libère

Detect domain names coming to expiration

On YouDot, we detect domain names that will soon expire. In France alone, this represents nearly 40,000 backorders per month to be seized! Indeed, once a domain name has come to the end of its renewal, it enters the so-called redemption period. For .FR domains, this stage lasts 30 days, during which the former holder is able to get his domain back. At the end of the redemption period, if the holder didn’t show up, then the domain is freed and can be buy by whoever.

What happens at the end of the redemption period?

During the redemption period, it is already possible to detect domain names and to make a backorder on them. This functionality works as a reservation. If, at the end of this stage, the former holder has decided to get his domain back, then you pay nothing. If the domain is freed (that means the holder didn’t show up) and you were the only one to put a backorder on the domain, then it is a success and you immediately obtain the domain. But if you were several on this domain, then the domain goes to auction for seven days. The winner of these auctions will be attributed with the domain name.

YouDot detects domain names that are in redemption. Thus, you can put a backorder on them, through our platform.

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