Which indicators to check before buying an expired domain name?

Unlike a brand-new domain name, an expired domain name already has a history. Also, before buying an expired domain name, it is important to consult at the various indicators that reflect its value. For each domain name that YouDot snaps, we recover its own information and display them. What are the different indicators for domain names? Explanations.

Dot Rank

YouDot compiles different indicators and establishes a custom ranking for each domain. This Dot Rank allows you to know, at a glance, the relevance of the domain name. Consider, for example, the domain amazon.fr, this one benefit from a Dot Rank of 98 (on a 100 scale) it is then well ranked.

The Dot Rank reflects the global quality of a domain name SEO history. It is determined from the set of indicators detailed below, such as the historical PageRank, third-party tool scores including Moz, Ahrefs and Majestic SEO, the history of keywords positioned in search engines, the age of the domain name, etc. …

In addition, we voluntarily apply a drop in this score when there is a suspicion of spammed domain name.


The age of a domain name is a determining parameter for search engines, such as Google, in the calculation of SEO. The older a domain name is, the more it indicates that it benefits from additional experience. This affects the authority of the domain name and Google gives it a higher TrustRank than a brand-new domain name that you just bought. The domain names are a bit like wine: with the years, they get better!

Domain Length

As we said in our article on how to find a domain name, the length of a domain name is an important factor to take into account, both for its SEO and for its memorization. The longer, the better. The shorter a domain name is, the easier it would be to memorize. If domain names have been created it is to avoid having to remember a senseless following of numbers that are IP addresses. That is the reason why short domain names are high prized in the secondary market of domain names. It is useless to search for brand-new domain names in 3 letters, they have all been registered a long time ago.

As evidence that short domain names are very important, just check the ranking of the most popular websites.

Moz authority

This other indicator is supplied by the SEOMoz tool which represents a good alternative to the Page Rank. Its score, between 0 and 100, indicates the importance of a website for search engines.

Referring domains

This is the number of different domain names that possess a link toward the website in question.


Backlinks are the total amount of external links pointing toward a website.

Majestic Trust Flow (TF)

Supplied by Majestic, this score reflects the confidence of a webpage. Its calculation is realized according to links from a list of websites manually checked by the Majestic SEO teams (such as institutional websites).

Majestic Citation Flow(CF)

Additional to the Trust Flow, it indicates the popularity of a webpage. It is weighed up according to the number of external linked and referring websites targeting a webpage.

Google Page Rank

This indicator, originally created by Google, represents the popularity of a web page in the form of a score between 0 and 10. The Page Rank (PR) has long been considered as the holy Grail by SEO people. It is no longer used since Google doesn’t update the Page Rank Toolbar and is therefore no longer visible. However, this doesn’t mean that it is no more took into account in the Google Algorithm. In fact, it is now an internal indicator for Google.

WebArchive History

This is the earliest date a reference to the domain name is available on archive.org (world reference for archiving websites). This tool offers you to go back in time and find old site versions related to the domain in question.


This corresponds to the date on which the domain will be available. If the domain name is sell at auction, you will know the date the sale will end. It is to note that auctions of the day end at 3pm (French hour). If someone bid the minute before the end of the auction, then the time is outlasted of 1min. Thus, this allows a possible other bidder to place a higher bid of 10€, if he wishes.

How often are these indicators updated?

Each indicator has its own frequency, depending on the data volatility, from 1 day to 6 months. For each we mention the date of the last update. You can consult this information through a simple mouse roll-over on top on the indicator color bar.