Why you should hide the Whois of your domain name

There are many reasons why you do not want your personal data to be public. You are probably one of those many people who have changed the privacy settings of their Facebook account and ensure the security settings on the various online profiles. The majority of informed internet users know how to protect their personal information. Managing your online identity requires a total control on how personal information are shared or not. The confidentiality of the WHOIS is part of these techniques to ensure the security of your contact information.

What is the anonymous WHOIS?

When you register your domain name (new or expired), you are asked to provide personal information, such as your address, email and phone number. This public data base of the domain names holders is what we call the WHOIS. Why this measure? It is the result of the policy set up by ICANN, an organization that coordinates and manages domain names around the world. The information stored in this WHOIS database can be accessed by anyone.

Your identity is your own business and no one else. So why should you share it with everyone by registering a domain name?

If the WHOIS information are made public, there is a strong risk that it will be discovered and used by spammers, marketing specialists, identity thieves or even an old friend from school. Nobody likes to receive unwanted solicitations …

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To live happy, live hidden

Ideal for individuals and efficient companies, WHOIS privacy guarantees your anonymity and protects you from numerous attempts to solicit you or from spams or even phishing.

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WHOIS There ?

Thanks to the WHOIS privacy you:

  • Protect your personal data
  • Secure your account against identity usurpation
  • Prevent domain’s hacking
  • Put a stop to junk mail passing through your domain
  • Avoid sales solicitation and canvassing

How to register anonymously your domain name and protect your personal information?

To hide your identity and register your private domain name depends on the registrar from which you register the domain name. This option may or may not be offered, and might be subject to a fee.

Good news, at Youdot this option is free and is automatically offered when you buy a domain name. Why, may you ask, simply because it saves you from forgetting to do it! And at Youdot, we believe that you should be able to decide how your personal information is shared online without having to ask for it, through a complex procedure. That’s why we automatically include anonymous registration for each domain name registered at Youdot.

Nonetheless it is possible to ask to carry out the trade, that is to say that your information are displayed (one does not really see the usefulness but it is up to you!). Changing the WHOIS is as simple as pressing a button.

As for you, how do you manage your WHOIS? Anonymously or do you display your personal information?