WI.COM Domain Names has been sold for $500,000

In domaining, there are frequently some great domain names sales, and sometimes there are some records as we told you in a previous article about the 10 most expensive Domain Names ever sold in the world.

When people search for the best domain names, many of them draw their attention on short domains with two or three letters. This is what we call LL.com or LLL.com.

On march 15th, the domain name wi.com was at auction on Namejet.com. This auction has registered 198 bids from 194 different bidders to reach $502,000! Wow! ????

As short domain names are rares, they have the greatest valuable potential, and for that, people fight to snap them. This is why domain names can become so expensive and be bought for millions, or half-a-million which is the case for wi.com!

This is a good exemple demonstrating that domain names can represent great opportunities: domain names spéculation is a relevant business!