YouDot Early Bird Reward

Of the 330 million active domain names that exist around the world, 1% are dropped every month. 100,000 domains expire each day, then these domain names become available again. And the rule is first come, first served. Some of these domains are real treasures, for SEO, for speculation or monetization. Domainers are able to appreciate the value of domain names, according to its rarity, its SEO history, or its digital identity. Thus, these experimented people are able to identify the potentiel of domain names and benefit from them.

Then if you are able to find the best domains, you should have a look at backorders section to find the domain jewels.

At YouDot, we want to reward these efforts. This is why we have launched the Early Bird Reward program. 

What is the YouDot Early Bird Reward*?

10% of the final auction price is now distributed equally between clients who have pre-ordered the same domain name!

How does it work?

  1. Three people have pre-ordered the domain
  2. is sold at auction for 600€
  3. 10% of 600€ (that is, 60€) is redistributed equally between the 3 people who pre-ordered the domain
  4. So, you each get 20€ 🙂

Plus, now that YouDot is turning 4 and to celebrate this big event with you,throughout the month of July we will redistribute not 10% but 50% of the final auction price!!! 

What? 50%, but that’s huge!
You bet 😉 It means that, in the previous example, the 3 people who pre-ordered the domain would have made 100€ each!

When does the YouDot Early Bird Reward start?
It’s already launched, so don’t waste another second 😉

One more thing

As YouDot celebrates its 4th anniversary, we have raised the flashback bonus from 10 to 50% during july!!

Go to right now and backorder your domain names!


  • Offer available until 31 August 2018